MATSUO, Junichi

[Division & Section] Co-Head of Patent Division, Chief of Electrical Section

Co-Head of Patent Division, Partner

2014  Admission as Patent Attorney (JPAA)

Email: EmailAddress of Patent Division)

Practice Areas


Major Areas of Expertise

Major Areas of Expertise:
Technical Fields: Telecommunication, Electronical Circuits, Information-Communication equipment, Consumer Electric Equipment, Speech Processing and Electroacoustics, Image and Video Processing, Information Technology, Computer Hardware and Software, Business Model

Procedures: Patent application; Prior art search; Offer of information; Intermediate procedure; Opposition; Trial for invalidation; litigation rescinding a trial decision; Litigation of infringement; Production of expert opinion, Filing and Infringement Procedure in ASEAN countries

Membership & Other Qualifications


Education & Experience

Academic History

Graduate School of Electro-Communications, University of Electro-Communications, M.Eng., Majored in Communication Engineering

Job History

Japan Patent Office, as Examiner in 4th Examination Dept. (Electronic Technology), Administrative Judge of 1st Board of Appeals (Measurement and Applied-Physics), Director of Information Storage Div., Director of Image Processing Div., Chief Administrative Judge of 30th Board of Appeals (Video System)
Associate Officer, PCT Information Technology Section, PCT Operations Dept., World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Director of Intellectual Property Dept., JETRO Bangkok, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)





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