Accounting Audit & Tax

Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services

With professional and experienced staff, including Certified Public Accountants, Tax Accountants and other accounting personnel, we offer a wide range of accounting, auditing, and tax services designed to meet the demands of our clients.


We take a comprehensive view of our client’s business, in order to provide timely advice and offer assistance in all areas that will help satisfy their professional business needs. In addition, we offer a full range of integrated accounting services, for both domestic and overseas clients.

General Accounting

  • Bookkeeping
  • General Ledger and Financial Statements
  • Corporate and Consumption Tax planning and preparation
  • Payroll Services(Monthly payroll and Year-end adjustment etc.)
  • Social Insurance Services(Health & Pension insurance enrollment/withdrawal etc.)
  • Payment Services


Our approach to the auditing process requires that we obtain an in-depth understanding of our client’s corporate environment and business, in order to provide timely and cost-effective auditing services of the highest standard.

  • Statutory Audit
  • Voluntary Audit
  • Financial Due Diligence

3.Tax Services

With frequent tax law amendments every year, we fulfil the latest tax law requirements for corporate and individual tax planning and preparation, and other related tax issues.

  • Corporate Tax planning and preparation(Corporate Tax, Consumption Tax etc.)
  • Individual Tax planning and preparation(Inheritance Tax, Income Tax etc.)
  • Other related tax issues

Professionals practicing in Accounting Audit & Tax

Certified Public Accountants



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