Attorneys of our firm received high evaluation at “Best Lawyers in Japan (2021)”.

Attorneys of our firm received high evaluation at “Best Lawyers in Japan (2021)”.


Intellectual Property Law

Law Division  Toshiaki MAKINO, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Toshiaki IIMURA, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Osamu SUZUKI, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Kozo YABE, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Toshiyuki FUKAI, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Chihiro ONISHI, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Tsuyoshi SUEYOSHI, attorney-at-law

Patent Division  Shinjiro ONO, patent attorney

Trademark & Design Division  Hiromichi AOKI, patent attorney


Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Law Division  Shigeru OHIRA, attorney-at-law

Law Division  Naoya ISODA, attorney-at-law


Patent Law

Patent Division  Minako MATSUYAMA, patent attorney

Patent Division  Osamu YAMAMOTO, patent attorney

Patent Division  Reiko IZUMIYA, patent attorney

Patent Division  Mitsutoshi NAKAMURA, patent attorney

Patent Division  Toyoharu MATSUDA, patent attorney

Patent Division  Akiko YAMAGUCHI, patent attorney

Patent Division  Yukio KANEGAE, patent attorney



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