KAJITA, Tsuyoshi

[Division & Section] Patent Division, Chemical Section


2003 Admission as Patent Attorney (JPAA)
2010 Supplementary Note of Specific Infringement Lawsuit Counsel

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Practice Areas


Major Areas of Expertise

Organic Chemistry; Pharmaceuticals; Foods and Drinks (all aspects of prosecution, including the filing of applications, and dealing with JPO actions; as well as invalidation trial, infringement litigation, applications for patent term extension, and drafting an expert opinion)

Active engagement in invention mining; filing applications in foreign countries, both major and developing nations, and dealing with actions from patent offices; capable of facilitating telephone conferences with overseas clients

Membership & Other Qualifications

JPAA, Pharmacist

Education & Experience

Academic History

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka, M. Pharm., Majored in Organic Chemistry

Job History

Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation





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