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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is one of the main services on which attorneys at law of our firm have long been focusing.

We have attorneys who used to work as a judge or who has experiences to be an arbitrator and handle dispute resolution cases related to company businesses in various business areas such as litigation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

In addition to IP-related litigations, we have a lot of experiences on large-scale cases including system development or trading company transactions.

Please click here for dispute resolution related to intellectual property and here for international dispute resolution.

Corporate and M&A

We widely handle legal services for domestic and foreign companies such as:
– Various legal consultations related to the company act or various legal entities
– Company establishment in Japan
– Creation or amendment of articles of incorporation and other company rules
– Instruction on and preparation of minutes of shareholder’s meeting or board meeting

We have experiences on M&A and company reorganization such as joint venture, acquisition of company, acquisition of business, stock purchase and have expertise on due diligence especially on intellectual property or cutting edge technologies.

Commercial Transaction and Deals

We handle a wide range of commercial transactions from agreements such as basic transaction agreement, distributorship agreement, agency agreement, work commission agreement in various fields, contract to manufacture and non-disclosure agreement to particular or specialized agreements in each business area.

In particular, we have wealth of experience on transactions in areas such as manufacturing, trading, distribution and retail, IT consultant, and apparel.
We also respond to consultations from business operator side about the Consumer Contract Act or the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions in B to C businesses.
Please click here for agreements related to intellectual property and here for international agreement and transactions.


Mainly on the employer side, we handle various legal consultations related to labor laws and creation or amendment of rules of employment or various internal company rules.
We have a lot of experiences on labor issues not only in domestic companies, but also in Japanese subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies.
We also handle labor dispute resolution cases representing employers through negotiation, labor tribunal or litigation etc.

Anti-Trust and Competition Law

We are capable of legal consultation, providing legal opinion, and response to authorities regarding the Antimonopoly Act, which can be an issue in situations of new product development, contract, projects or business cooperation between companies, Subcontracting Charges Law, and the Premiums and Representation Act, which can be an issue in situations of planning and deployment of new businesses.

IT and Internet

We handle legal risk management and dispute resolution from the standpoint of companies regarding various legal issues on the internet such as domain name resolution, defamation or violation of privacy.
We have experiences in providing legal advices to both of users and venders sides on computer system development, various services on the web and e-commerce etc.
We also handle formulation of or advices on terms of service or privacy policy on various websites.

Personal Information Protection

We handle a wide variety of legal services such as legal consultation, reviewing of contracts, negotiation, representing in disputes, etc regarding personal information protection of customers and employees, which is indispensable with business activities of companies.

Real Estate Transaction

We provide advices on transaction and contracts regarding real estate development, construction, sale, lease, etc. We are also richly experienced in store-opening contracts and lease contracts for tenants of a commercial facility.

Company Crisis Management and Response to Scandals

We provide various legal advices on appropriate responses and investigation in case of sudden crisis or scandal (information leak, product accident, etc.) that happens in our client companies.

Product Liability

We provide legal advices on product liability, disputes, recall, etc.. Especially, since we have experiences to act as an attorney for manufacturers, we can properly handle cases with technical expertise, taking into consideration effect on the whole distribution and retailing industries.


We can make prompt and proper response to legal problems regarding legal affairs of Initial Public Offering (IPO) of venture companies, stock restrictions on listed companies, general bank transactions and disclosure of information.

Law on Drugs and Medical Devices

In addition to patent cases regarding medicine (including application for extended registration), we investigate and advise on the Act on Assurance of Quality, Effectiveness and Safety of Drugs and Medical Devices (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Act). We can promptly and properly handle agreements that requires knowledge and interpretation of that kind of law.



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