“Hakusa Seishou” judgement (case in which a prior use right and misuse of right were judged)

Revision of the Trademark Examination Manual (effective since April 2, 2018)

“BIKE LIFTER” judgement (Description in metatag and infringement of trademark right)

Selection of Trademark

Our members were recommended by Who’s Who Legal: Trademark 2017 and Who’s Who Legal: Japan 2017.

Revision of the Accelerated Examination Guidelines (since February, 2017)

Court Case Review (Trademark):“REEBOK ROYAL FLAG case” (2016) Publication carrying this article Patent News No. 14287Publisher Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

YUASA and HARA was ranked Tier 1 for Patent and Trademark Prosecution and Contentious by Managing Intellectual Property

“Nagomi” judgement (Trademark right infringement by mark which includes defendant’s well-known mark)

Trademark, Trade Name and Domain Name

YUASA and HARA’s members were recommended by Who’s Who Legal: Japan 2016.

A Seminar for ASEAN Trademark Examiners held at YUASA and HARA

Revision of the Trademark Act of Japan in 2015 and Change in Trademark Practice (Reduction of Official Fees and Changes in Extension of Time Limit for OA Response) – Effective on April 1, 2016

Which coffee do you prefer, American or European? – Court Case Review (Trademark): “EUROPEAN case (Use as a trademark in a cancellation trial based on non-use)” (2015)

Revision of Governmental Fees regarding Patent and Trademark

Decisions for registration of non-traditional trademarks were issued

The Mother of “Non-Traditional Trademarks”, the required DNA and how far have they grown as an effective tool of trademark protection – A New Frontier of Trademark Practice in Japan-

Non-traditional marks: sounds like a mark, smells like a mark

Geographical Indication (GI) Protection System started in Japan as of June 1, 2015

YUASA AND HARA receives high evaluation at IP STARS of Managing Intellectual Property

Applications for Non-traditional Trademarks Started

IGZO judgement (“raw materials” of item 3, paragraph 1, article 3 of the Trademark Act)

Court Case Review (Trademark):“Meiji case” (2014)

YUASA and HARA won the Gold Prize in the WTR Magazine

Court Case Review (Trademark) No. 25 – Meiji Case


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