New Patent Fee Reduction/Exemption Program Including Academic Discount Has Been launched since April 1, 2019

Recent trend on JPO appeal decisions and Court Decisions (Chemistry)




LES Japan mini-Annual Meeting

World IP Forum 2019 – Taipei

Introduction of on-site inspection system in Japan

2019 AIPPI World Congress – London

Antibody Patenting: A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution and Enforcement

KUNIEDA, Yukiko (Ph.D., Ms.)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) related Patents and the Inspection System under the Revised Japanese Patent Act

YUASA and HARA has been ranked Tier 1 for Patent and Trademark Prosecution and Contentious by Managing Intellectual Property in 2019

FUJIKI, Yoriko

Patent Infringement

Strafford live webinar, “Antibody Patenting: U.S. and Asian Perspectives”

Recent trend on JPO appeal decisions and Court Decisions (Chemistry)



Case in which the support requirement was denied regarding a “Parameter Invention” in the field of food – Case in which the court rescinded a JPO decision (2016 (Gyo-ke) 10147)

Our members were recommended by Who’s Who Legal: Japan 2018.


Intentional Exclusion under the Doctrine of Equivaqlents – Balance between Responsibility of Patentee and Protection of Third Party’s Trust

Learning Data for Artificial Intelligence and Protection of Limited Provision Data

Case in which the defendants’ products have been judged not to infringe a medicinal use invention characterized by a dose

Case in which the inventive step of a pharmaceutical invention characterized by the time necessary for intravenous administration was admitted

Period of Exception to Loss of Novelty is expanded from six months to one year

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and Specifying Elements of Defendant Products in Patent Infringement Lawsuits

Virtual Round Table – Intellectual Property 2018

Grand Panel Decision regarding standing to sue and inventive step of pharmaceutical invention

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