Details of Cross-border Practices

Agreements on International Transactions and Trading Regulations

We make and review agreements on various international trading between Japanese and foreign companies on a daily basis. We are especially experienced in basic transaction agreement which underlies continuous trading, distributorship or agency agreement, franchise agreement, license agreement, agreements related to corporate acquisition or reorganization, and confidentiality agreement.

Overseas Expansion and International Investment (Japan, Europe and U.S., China, South-eastern Asia, etc.)

We have offered legal support to foreign companies entering or investing Japanese market for over many years. We have achieved many satisfactory results in establishing subsidiary companies or branches in Japan. We have know-how for conducting a shareholders’ meeting and a board meeting of companies of foreign origin and making minutes of those meetings, and provide advices on other various legal problems as well. (See also General Corporate)

We also have a wide range of experiences in supporting Japanese companies trying to enter foreign markets (establishing local companies or joint venture) or make international investments under intensive collaboration with overseas law firms with which we enjoy close cooperation relationships.

We have attorneys who have experiences at law firms in U.S., Europe, China, and Singapore in supporting overseas expansion of Japanese companies and have close relationships international law firm networks. By utilizing these assets, we put emphasis on supporting Japanese companies that try to enter markets of foreign countries.

Cross-border Dispute Resolution (International Arbitration/Support for Lawsuits in Non-Japanese Countries)

We handle cross-border disputes between Japanese and foreign companies. We support companies not only in lawsuits, arbitration, mediation, etc. in Japan, but also overseas lawsuits and ADR in collaboration with the local law firms. Our attorneys can respond to international arbitration representing our client companies.



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